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Top 4 Signs You Need Car AC Service

As the Orlando weather heats up, there’s perhaps nothing more satisfying than feeling icy cold air blowing out of your car’s air conditioning system. All it takes is a quick push of a button, and you’re well on your way to enjoying truly comfortable travels.

Unfortunately, the optimal function of your AC system is not guaranteed. You must carefully watch for the following signs that you need car AC service to avoid going without this vital system when it’s needed most.

1. Poor Cooling Power

When working at peak efficiency, your car’s AC system should blow air out of the vents at an icy cool 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If the system doesn’t get that cold, it might have a clogged filter, cooling fan issues, or low refrigerant levels.

When performed by a skilled technician, thorough vehicle diagnostics will quickly reveal the cause of the poor cooling power. With that step done, you’ll get the proper repair recommendations, so you can authorize the work that will get your AC blowing cold once again.

2. Weak Airflow from the Vents

When you turn on the AC, cold air should flow out of the vents within moments. If the airflow feels weak, you may have a stuck blend door, a leak in the system, or a failing compressor.

To find the cause, your technician will likely need to perform an AC leak detection diagnostic to check the integrity of the seals and lines in the system. If there are no leaks, they’ll complete additional vehicle diagnostics to check the other parts for problems.

3. Strange Odors with the AC On

Even if your AC blows frigid cold air your way, it does no good if it’s releasing foul odors as well. Oftentimes, if you notice strange odors coming out of the vents with the AC on, it comes down to the buildup of dust, dirt, and mildew in the system.

Your auto technician can fix the issue by replacing the cabin filter and performing a specialized AC cleaning service. This process involves spraying disinfectant into the system to clear out the accumulated grime and remove the bad odors.

4. Condensation or Water Leaks

While cooling the air in your vehicle, the AC system should also rapidly decrease the humidity levels. So, if you notice any condensation coming from the vents, you just know there’s a big problem. And that goes double for any water leaking out from under the dash.

Condensation is usually caused by a faulty condenser, evaporator, or compressor. Leaking water, on the other hand, could mean that your system has a blocked hose somewhere. 

Either way, your mechanic will need to perform a full AC system diagnostic to pinpoint the issue and offer accurate repair recommendations.

Need a Car AC Recharge and Other Services in Orlando, FL?

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