Vehicle Testing

Discover the Root of Your Car Issues with Vehicle Testing in Orlando, FL

Rely on Griffis Automotive Repair for all your vehicle testing needs in Orlando, FL. From check engine light diagnostics to battery testing, our skilled technicians have the tools and expertise to get your vehicle running smoothly again.

Addressing car troubles without proper vehicle testing can be costly and inefficient. At Griffis Automotive Repair, we prioritize vehicle testing to accurately diagnose issues, such as starting and charging problems, before suggesting any repairs.

When you visit Griffis Automotive Repair, our team will first conduct a thorough inspection. If the root cause is not immediately apparent, we will proceed with additional diagnostic tests to pinpoint the issue and provide precise repair recommendations.

Importance of Vehicle Testing and Auto Diagnostics in Orlando, FL

Vehicles, especially modern ones, have numerous interconnected parts that can cause various problems, such as reduced engine performance, poor drivability, or charging failures. 

Our ASE-certified technicians may need to retrieve OBD-II codes and conduct additional tests to resolve these issues. We combine state-of-the-art scanners and diagnostic tools with our expertise to identify the root cause of your car problems.

Our Approach to Vehicle Testing

Since many vehicle issues share similar symptoms, our team relies on their skills, experience, and training to determine which vehicle testing procedures to perform. Depending on the reason for your visit, our team will analyze the status of the parts within the affected system.

If your check engine light is on, for example, we may need to check for vacuum leaks, catalytic converter damage, EGR valve issues, oxygen sensor failure, or even a loose gas cap. From there, we may perform additional tests, such as:

  • Fuel pressure test
  • Car battery voltage test
  • Alternator and starter tests
  • Ignition system diagnostic
  • Automotive lab scope diagnosis
  • Cylinder leak-down test
  • Engine compression test
  • Transmission diagnostic
  • Brake system diagnostic
  • Suspension system diagnostic
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Auto AC leak detection test

Upon identifying the cause, our team will inform you of our findings and share our repair recommendations for your approval.

How Long Does A Full Diagnostic Service Take?

A standard vehicle diagnostic usually takes between one to three hours to complete. The process may take longer if multiple issues are affecting your engine performance and drivability. Your service advisor will keep you well-informed on what to expect throughout the process.

Signs You Need Vehicle Testing & Diagnostics in Orlando, FL

Consider scheduling diagnostic services whenever you notice a problem with your vehicle’s performance, such as:

Take a few minutes per drive to familiarize yourself with your car’s sounds, sensations, and operation. Then, if anything changes, schedule a visit to our auto repair shop in Orlando, FL.

Understanding Vehicle Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

A. Vehicle testing and diagnostics involve using specialized tools and equipment to identify the root cause of issues with your car’s performance, electrical systems, or mechanical components. These tests help technicians pinpoint the exact problem and provide accurate repair recommendations.

A. There’s no set schedule for vehicle testing and diagnostics, but it’s a good idea to have your car checked whenever you notice unusual behavior, performance issues, or warning lights on the dashboard.

A. Common symptoms include odd smells, strange noises, engine stalls, poor stopping power, rough ride, difficulty shifting, and warning lights on the dashboard.

A. A standard vehicle diagnostic usually takes between one to three hours, depending on the complexity of the issue. If multiple problems are causing the issues, the process may take longer.

A. Yes, vehicle testing and diagnostics can help identify the cause of a check engine light and provide the necessary repair recommendations to resolve the issue. jamb.

A. The cost for vehicle testing and diagnostics can vary depending on the complexity of the issue, the type of tests required, and the repair shop. It’s best to contact your local repair shop, such as Griffis Automotive Repair, for an estimate.

A. An independent auto repair shop, like Griffis Automotive Repair, can handle vehicle testing and diagnostics. Their ASE-certified technicians have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to perform accurate diagnostics and repairs.

A. Vehicle testing and diagnostics can identify issues affecting your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, and overall drivability. By addressing these problems, you can improve your car’s performance and extend its lifespan.

A. Technicians use various testing equipment, such as OBD-II scanners, multimeters, automotive lab scopes, fuel pressure testers, and leak-down testers, to diagnose issues with your car.

A. Yes, vehicle testing and diagnostics can help identify electrical issues in your car, including problems with wiring, sensors, and other electrical components.

Are Vehicle Testing and Diagnostics Worth It?

Yes, investing in vehicle testing and diagnostics is worthwhile. These services save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary parts and labor costs. The testing process also expedites repairs, allowing you to get your car back quickly and resume your travels without further delays.

When you need assistance with your vehicle, whether it’s vibrations through the wheel or a failure to start, trust Griffis Automotive Repair to accurately diagnose the issue before recommending repairs. To schedule an appointment, call us at (407) 896-2225 or visit our location at 1400 S. Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32806.